Financial Expertise with Transparency

HMS’ software technology enables us to offer our clients efficient and timely financial services, which includes online access to association records and reports.  Additionally, HMS delivers financial reports to the Board in the first week of the month, when they are most current and useful.

Integrated Association Web Site

Association Members can access their account ledger, search through online directories, pay assessments, download commonly-used forms and important documents, review mailings from HMS, and communicate with the Board all online.  Members are well served and kept informed.

HMS' website have tools available exclusively for the Board, which allows for a review of the Association's delinquencies and collections, architectural control issues, contact information, and more, all online and in real-time.

Free Integrated Banking Services

Members can pay assessments online using credit cards, electronic checks, or direct debit from their bank account.  Making payment easy reduces collections and delinquencies, and improves member satisfaction.  HMS manages Association financial assets on-line; timely cash management improves revenue and keeps cash earning interest.

The Best Software Platforms Available

HMS uses the best software in the industry to streamline management and stay as efficient as possible, with Cinc Systems management software, HomeWiseDocs to handle closings, Sperlonga to offer credit reporting, and our location-based maintenance forms.  A more efficient workforce means more consistency, and faster response times.