Known Management Fees

HMS' management fees are flat monthly amounts.  HMS does not have hidden administrative costs added to the monthly fee: no “office supplies”, “office costs”, “storage of association’s documents”, and no fax, telephone, invoice, check, or postage markups like other management firms.  With HMS, there are no hidden costs.

Satisfied Clients

In HMS' most recent Client Satisfaction Survey, over 97% of our Board Members indicated that they were satisfied with the professional advice provided by HMS.  Of the original 10 management contracts that HMS signed, 9 of those communities are still managed by HMS over 20 years later.  Our ultimate goal is to partner with our clients for the long term, by providing quality consultation that protects and enhances the value of their community's assets.

Tailored Association Services

HMS offers a variety of services, and allows the Board to select which are desired.  Pay only for those services that you actually need, and add or remove services in the future as volunteer availability changes.